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Instructional Philosophy & Expectations

Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate logistical issues on an as needed basis. Communication is vital to the success of any professional working relationship.


It is expected that the student will rehearse throughout the course of the week in between instructional sessions as needed. It has been said that it only takes 21 days to form a habit. Rehearsing will not be strictly at the piano keyboard, but will include listening to music on a modern device of some sort. Listening to the music and not simply hearing it is vital to the success of every student. Aside from listening to music with purpuse and focus, something can indeed be said for the power of our minds as we "hear" music subliminally (in the background) while we work and sleep.


There is no guarantee that ear training will work or be effective for every student. It is an abstract and often viewed as an unconventional approach to learning music. The focus of ear training and piano instruction will not be on traditional sight reading techniques. For many, playing piano by ear is not a's an ability or gift. The challenge will be unlocking the gift within you and helping you fly with it.

Some weeks may seem completely unproductive as you may struggle through the learning curve. Like all things in life, if you persevere, you will be rewarded!

If you quit right when lessons begin to get difficult, you will teach yourself to give up as soon as you experience growth. Remember, growing pains are called growing pains for a reason.

Through music, you can achieve greater self worth and gain confidence. Music has been my constant companion through happy times and times of sorrow. Music has enabled me to vent my frustrations and share my triumphs.

Students of music may become lawyers, physicians, professors or another person of professional importance. Yet some of the greatest minds in history were epic failures in even the most simplest of trades or academics. It is possible there is a great musical career ahead. But if not, music will ultimately bring balance, creativity and an outlet to freedom of personal expression.

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