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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of Tanner Palmer's clients have never booked a pianist before.
It is Tanner's pleasure to ensure the process is an enjoyable one. 
After all, what is life without a little music?​
How would you best describe your music? 
I create musical experiences. My music is entertaining, and continuous, often flowing from one song to the next without stopping and without sheet music. The art and style of improvisation are implemented whenever appropriate. I focus on utilizing the unique action and touch sensitivity of each individual piano instrument to create moving, emotional, and dynamic music. There is something for everyone in my music.

What are your rates and how are the rates determined? 
Rates for piano performances are determined by factors beyond just time, ranging from $700 to $2,300 depending on event specifics like setup, travel, and customizations. Clients' needs, such as unique song lists or distant venues, can impact rates. Transparent communication is key to ensuring accurate pricing. Last-minute changes can cause stress and affect rates, which are set based on local market standards and performer discretion. 

Do you require a deposit? 

Yes. A simple, typically small, non-refundable yet applied deposit will be required only after an accord is reached on the performance rate.  

Do you supply your own piano instrument when there is no piano on location? 

Yes. For a nominal rate, I can provide professional, full-sized digital piano and sound equipment with advanced notice (upon booking).  The digital piano I perform on is of professional-grade quality and the sound equipment delivers professional sound. The piano sound on the digital piano is superb and most authentic. I do not perform upon any digital instruments that do not have a truly authentic sound.  Set up, takedown and sound checks typically take about forty-five (45) minutes to one hour before the event and about forty-five (45) minutes after the event. This setup and takedown time cannot be rushed. Remember, you are paying for musical excellence and precision from a professional.

Do you work with LGBTQIA+ couples and events? 
100%, yes. 
Do you perform with other musicians?  
The short answer is, no. I rarely perform with other musicians due to logistical challenges and time constraints. Collaborations require planning, rehearsal time, and space. My style of playing the piano by ear is unconventional and can easily confuse musicians who sight-read only. In contrast, I’ve collaborated with musicians linked to wedding families, finding others who play by ear like me is tough. Working with other musicians can complicate event planning and often isn’t practical due to scheduling conflicts and uncertainties. Requests for collaborations are considered based on my professional discretion.

What genres of music do you perform?​ 
Light Classical, Jazz Standards, Broadway & Show Tunes, WWII Era, Pop, Classic Rock, Contemporary Piano, Today's Alternative,  Movie  Themes, Disney Medleys, music from today including many current artists, and so much more!

The event is outside. Can you perform for outside events? 

Yes, I can perform outdoors in Colorado, weather permitting. My contracts cover outdoor performance requirements. If I need to bring my digital piano and sound equipment, I require dedicated access to a functional 3-prong power outlet. Venues usually offer canopies or appropriate coverings for weddings. It's ideal for me to have venue access for two hours before the event.

Who picks the ceremony songs for wedding ceremonies?​ 
My wedding couples pick the music that I play during their wedding ceremony, up to three song selections. 

When I perform ambient background music for cocktail hours, dinner, receptions, etc., then I choose the music, "in the moment," and do not publish song lists. I can offer what types of music I will be performing, but I cannot offer the exact songs. This adds to the magic of live music and enables me to flow adaptively from the piano. 

What is the booking process and what are "booking fees"?

I use a third-party booking website for formal agreements, which provides event protections appreciated by his clients. The website charges a small booking fee, transparently split between Tanner and his clients. This fee is included in initial rate estimates for transparency. The formal agreement outlines all terms and conditions for clients to review before booking. Clients have time to carefully review these standard terms before finalizing their booking.


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