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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of Tanner Palmer's clients have never booked a pianist before.
It is Tanner's pleasure to ensure the process is an enjoyable one. 
After all, what is life without a little music?​
How would you best describe your music?


Creative, entertaining, and continuous piano music flowing from one song to the next without stopping and without sheet music. The art and style of improvisation is strongly used whenever appropriate. I focus on utilizing the unique action and touch sensitivity of each individual piano instrument to create moving, emotional, and dynamic music. There is something for everyone in my music.

What are your rates and how are the rates determined?
Rates are by appearance and not by the hour. Most people have never booked a pianist before and therefore are not authorities or well versed on what professional pianists charge for their time and talents. It is my pleasure to make the quote and booking process straightforward, easy, and timely. 


Rates are created after all requirements are considered. Some factors include set up/takedown of equipment as applies, travel time, etc.


Full disclosure of any and all requirements and expectations must be openly discussed prior to a rate being generated to ensure accurate pricing. The more hand-tailored or “couture” (custom) each performance is, the higher the rate is.

Wedding ceremonies aside, higher rates may be influenced by, but not be limited to, clients requiring custom song lists. In the event I am required to perform and/or learn music, not within my repertoire, and/or am required to travel more than twenty miles to the event, the overall rate may be influenced accordingly. It is imperative that all requirements/requests made by the client be disclosed and discussed during the booking process so the rate can be as accurate and agreeable as possible.


Last-minute agreement and/or repertoire changes made by the client can easily bring undue stress to the performer who has set aside time to rehearse and perfect his craft in order to deliver the best performance possible for each event. These hasty alterations, requirements/requests, and/or last-minute bookings may also influence the rate.

All rates are at the pianist's discretion and reflect what the market bears in the area for such experiences. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate at the performer's discretion.

Do you require a deposit?
Yes. A simple, typically small, non-refundable yet applied deposit will be required only after an accord is reached on the performance rate.  
Do you supply your own piano instrument when there is no piano on location?
Yes. For a nominal rate, I can provide a professional, full-sized digital piano and sound equipment with advanced notice (upon booking).
The digital piano I perform on is professional-grade quality and the sound equipment delivers professional sound. The piano sound on the digital piano is superb and most authentic. I do not perform upon any digital instruments that do not have a truly authentic sound.
Set up, takedown, and sound checks typically take about forty-five (45) minutes to one hour before the event and about forty-five (45) minutes after the event.
This setup and take downtime cannot be rushed. Remember, you are paying for musical excellence and precision from a professional.
Do you work with LGBTQIA+ couples and events? 


100%, yes. 

Do you perform with other musicians?


Short answer is, no.


Due to logistical challenges and time constraints, I seldom perform with other musicians. Remember, I do not read music and this approach is very unconventional. 


In the past, I have collaborated with other musicians when they were directly affiliated families of the wedding couples. However, collaborating with other musicians takes planning, time, and rehearsal space.


I play piano solely and exclusively by ear and this is not how the majority of the music world functions, especially with fine orchestral instruments (piano, violin, classical guitar, etc.). It can be very difficult to find other fine musicians who can also play by ear or can follow my musical lead.


Collaborating with other musicians can be a great idea from the event planning perspective, but can easily be impractical.


For example, "Aunt Susan" from Michigan is flying in for the wedding and the wedding couple wants her to sing the song "Eidelweiss" in the key of G for the ceremony, which is easily accommodated. It's a simple song and I can play it blindfolded. However, if "Aunt Susan" is flying in the day before, or the day of the wedding, and the song is not one I could play blindfolded, I may not be available to rehearse and therefore most likely would not agree to collaborate. 


There are a lot of uncertain variables when working with other musicians. If I'm to learn a new song with no time or rehearsal space for "Aunt Susan" and I to work out significant details, I may not oblige.


It may be more hassle than it's worth and would directly escalate the performance rate. This is based on over 15 years of experience performing on piano at weddings, corporate and private events.


All requests to perform with other musicians are reviewed and granted solely at my professional discretion.

What genres of music do you perform?


Light Classical, Jazz Standards, Broadway & Show Tunes, WWII Era, Pop, Classic Rock, Contemporary Piano, Today's Alternative,  Movie  Themes, Disney Medleys...

The event is outside. Can you perform for outside events?

Yes, I perform outside, weather permitting. Colorado weather is moody and unpredictable.


My contracts go over requirements for performances that occur outside. If required to provide my digital piano and sound equipment, close access to a working 3 prong power outlet is all I would need for power. 


Venues typically have a canopy or some other type of wedding-appropriate covering available to rent for your wedding musician. 


Access to the venue up to two hours before the ceremony is a good idea for the pianist to have for outdoor events. 

Who picks the ceremony songs for wedding ceremonies?


My wedding clients pick the music that I play during their wedding ceremony.


When I perform ambient background music for cocktail hours, dinner, receptions, etc., then I choose the music, "in the moment", and do not publish song lists. I can offer what types of music I will be performing, but I cannot offer the exact songs. This adds to the magic of live music and enables me to flow adaptively from the piano. 


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