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Outdoor Wedding Event or No Piano at the Venue

Outdoor wedding,
but indoor piano?

If your event is outside the venue but the piano is inside the venue, Tanner Palmer offers an audio package that includes a professional-grade sound speaker, microphone, equipment setup, and a soundcheck to amplify the piano for audiences outside.



A simple microphone positioned perfectly toward the soundboard of the piano easily solves the problem of the piano not being loud enough to be heard outside the venue. When the piano cannot be moved at your venue, allow Tanner Palmer to amplify the sound.

PA Speaker

The Mackie Thump 12" speaker with 1000 watts of power, offers high output and volume control. Portable, lightweight, and easy to use, this PA speaker is a preferred speaker for professional DJs.

Speaker edited.JPEG

No piano on location?

If there is no piano on location, Tanner Palmer can provide his own full-sized,  weighted, 88-key, digital piano with authentic piano sound, fine-tuned attention to sound quality, and volume control through the amplification setup.


The digital piano can also be set up outside for outdoor events, provided there is covering from the elements and close access to dedicated electrical outlets. 

Sunglasses on a digital piano keyboard.


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