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Some clients desire to hear how the music for their wedding is coming along in the rehearsal process.

Improvisation on a Romantic Theme

Composed by Tanner Palmer

"Appalachian Spring"

Arrangement by Tanner Palmer


Perhaps there was no greater composer of modern programatic music than that of Aaron Copland. His piece, "Appalachian Spring" is both moving and transportive.


This song was an all time favorite of the maitre d from a fine dining establishment I regularly performed at. It was my honor to perform the piece every night I performed. 

Theme from "Terms of Endearment"

Arrangement by Tanner Palmer


This arrangement of "Terms of Endearment" is an arrangement I created based on an interpretation by the pianist Danny Wright.


I taught myself how to play it by ear at age 13, some 20 years ago. I perform it today just as I did when I was 13, all by ear.

"Awakening" on a Theme of "Fur Elise"

Compilation/Arrangement by Tanner Palmer


"Fur Elise" has long since been a traditional "must learn" for pianists. I decided to showcase my ability to blend two completely different pieces into one. I selected "Fur Elise" from Beethoven and blended it with the song "Awakening" by Danny Wright.


I arranged this piece when I was approximately 16 years old exactly as you hear it in this recorded video.



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