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Rates and Booking 

Rates and pricing vary based on selected musical experience, location, and other event-specific and event planning details. There are no set, cookie-cutter rates or standard pricing when you book Tanner Palmer. Tanner offers couture experiences and custom rates. Each event, venue, and client may be different. 

"As a wedding musician, I am constantly looking for ways to offer more to my clients. " - Tanner

Most people searching for live music will lead with the question "what are your rates"? There's a little more to generating accurate pricing than that. Tanner Palmer focuses on creating meaningful experiences and delivering quality work. He does not focus on having the lowest rates. Many long hours go into arranging, rehearsing, and perfecting music before Tanner even performs for wedding ceremonies, for example. Since Tanner plays the piano exclusively by ear and does not read music, his art is a labor of love. 

Tanner will have follow-up questions: 


  • What experience are you desiring?

  • Where is the venue?

  • Is it a private event or a corporate event? If corporate, what is the name of the business? 

  • Is there a tuned piano on location or must Tanner provide his own digital piano and sound equipment?

A brief phone conversation will easily help work through all the details needed to generate an accurate quote. 

Most people have never booked a pianist before. It is Tanner's pleasure to help you through the booking process and make your experience positive.  Performing on piano, for hire for more than 27 years, Tanner carries a wealth of event planning knowledge. 



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