R a t e s  &  B o o k i n g


Rates and pricing vary based on services, location, and other event planning details. There are no set, cookie-cutter rates. Tanner offers couture services. Rates for each event may be completely different. 


Most people will lead with the question "what are your rates"? There's a little more to performing than that.  Tanner Palmer focuses on services and quality. He does not focus on having the lowest rates.


When people are price-driven, they will only see the price.

When people are quality driven, they will focus on the value of services and musical talent.


Please know your budget for live piano music and do your research. Your budget should be realistic and should not merely be what's left over after all other vendors have been hired. Your budget should also not be arbitrary. Most people have never booked a pianist before so when they see the rates, they are not prepared. Please communicate what live musical needs you have for your event. 


After all your event details relating to live music are openly discussed with Tanner, he will create an agreeable rate specific to the needs, expectations, and requirements of your event. After Tanner's services are booked, any additional or new terms, requirements, alterations to the original agreement may constitute an alteration in the price of services even if the alterations or new requirements, etc.,  were unforeseeable. This is why openly discussing all event details before booking is vital. 


What other factors contribute to the price of services?


  • Availability.


  • Last-minute bookings.


  • Learning new and/or obscure music. 


  • Round-trip travel distance.  (Events in the mountains, for example, have higher rates.)


  • Total overall time Tanner will spend on your event on the day of your event.


  • Whether or not Tanner is required to bring his digital piano and sound equipment. (Equipment typically takes 45 minutes to set up and 45 minutes to take down.) 


  • Whether or not Tanner is required to perform ambient music or a specific set song list which applies to only wedding ceremonies.


Rates truly reflect all details of each individual event. 


There are no price tricks or misleading sales tactics to Tanner Palmer's rates and services. In fact, the entire process of generating prices is straightforward. 


All Tanner's quotes and bookings are made through a third party booking website. This booking site also offers event protections and quality guarantees to Tanner's clients by way of terms, agreements, and liaise in the event of any sort of dispute. Due to the legal benefits of using this specific booking site, if a potential client declines to book through the aforementioned booking site, Tanner may decline the opportunity to perform for the event. A formal written and executed agreement is required for every performance. 


All price quotes are time-sensitive in an effort to make dates and times available to other events. 


If you still have questions, or if you want to get started on planning your event, scroll up to the top of this page, click "Contact", and send an inquiry for a speedy answer.